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Wispok® is a platform authorized Banco de México that allows you to charge in a safer way with the use of CoDi®.

CoDi® o Cobro Digital is the new payment platform developed by Banco de México that allows you to charge and pay via QR Codes in the safest way possible instantly and with NO fees.

 Not paying fees, For accepting card payments.

  Receiving sales instantly.

 Giving your customers the safest way to pay, with no contact and no risk of skimming.

  Received your sales revenue in your preferred account.

 Bill your clients face to face or remotely by sharing the QR Code with them

  1.  Open the Wispok® app
  2. Enter the amount receivable and the concept
  3. A QR Code will be generated
  4. Ask your customer to scan the QR Code to pay
  5. All done! You will receive the payment instantly on your bank account

Currently, EVERY single person who owns a debit account in Mexico is able to pay with CoDi® by logging into their banking app. Simply click on the QR+ CoDi® icon inside the app.

CoDi® is the safest and easiest way to pay, avoiding the risk of fraud and credit card skimming. You will never have to enter your PIN or card details anywhere again.

  1. Open your banking app
  2. Click on QR+ CoDi®
  3. Scan the QR Code
  4. All done

Take advantage of our free subscription indefinitely.

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Descarga nuestra aplicación desde cualquier celular o tablet, y empieza a cobrar las veces que quieras.

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