Start charging with and be a part of the payment revolution.

Start charging with and be a part of the payment revolution.

No fees, no POS, no frauds or charge-backs, everything from your phone.

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Give your clients the easiest, safest way to pay.

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Charge via CoDi®
without complications

What is CoDi®?

It’s the new payment method developed by Banco de Mexico,
It allows charging and paying via QR Codes.


from the App

Register your information and open your individual or enterprise account from the App.

your device

Your safety comes first, therefore we request you to verify your device.

Register your
bank account

Register the account(s) where you will receive your payments via CoDi®.

Start charging
with CoDi®

Create and manage billing and collection with CoDi® without complications.

Say goodbye to POS and fees.

With Wispok®, create and manage billing with CoDi® in three categories.

Create a QR Code-bill, just like that.

The collector clicks on charge with CoDi®.

Next, enter the amount receivable

*If your line of business happens to be a restaurant, ask the client whether they want to add a tip and select the amount.

Next, click on: “Generate QR”

Ask your client to scan the QR Code you just generated.

Create a QR Code-bill, just like that.

Cómo generar un cobro con CoDi

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Wispok users’ stories

The POS was always very annoying, charging it, paying fees and charge-backs. Since I started using Wispok ® to charge I forget about all that, I have one person billing from the phone, easy peasy.
Jaime Ramírez
Cremería La Hacienda
In my shop we are mostly girls. For them it is much more comfortable and safe not having to bring their wallets or cards to be able to pay for their classes, they just need their phones. As for me, I have forgotten about fees.
Olivia Serrano
Dreamy Yoga
I have found a lot of advantages in Wispok, but the main one for me has been the control I have over the billing and collection in my branches and I no longer worry about POS fees.
Augusto Mora
Fonda la Huasteca