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Pagos y cobros en LATAM

Problema Actual

Economía basada en efectivo

La mayoría de las personas en LATAM aún dependen del efectivo para realizar sus pagos, lo cual es costoso. Por ejemplo; costo de transporte.

Hardware adicional

Los proveedores deben comprar hardware adicional para aceptar pagos y actualizarlo cada 1 o 2 años.

Falta de flexibilidad

Falta de flexibilidad en las soluciones de pagos bancarios para las necesidades de los clientes.

Transacciones internacionales

Las tarifas excesivas de transacciones internacionales afectan los bolsillos de los hogares más pobres.

No más comisiones

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Be part of the payment revolution

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Jaime Ramírez
It was always a drag with the terminal, charging it, commissions, chargebacks. Since I started using Wispok® to collect I forgot about all that, I have a person charging from the cell phone, super easy.
Cremería La Hacienda
Olivia Serrano
In my business the majority are girls and for them it has been much more comfortable and safe not having to carry their card or wallet to be able to pay for their classes, just with their cell phone and that's it, and I forgot about the commissions.
Dreamy Yoga
Augusto Mora
There are many advantages that I found in wispok, but I think that for me the main thing has been that I have better control of what is charged in my branches, and I forget about terminal commissions.
Fonda La Huasteca

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