A Checkout without obstacles

Intuitive and flexible.

We understand that time is valuable. Let Wispok manage your business collections, providing you with a clear, simple, and personalized experience.

Collect with multiple digital payment methods

National and international debit and credit cards.

SPEI electronic transfers.

CoDi to any beneficiary bank account.

We design people-centered financial experiences

How does Wispok work?

We generate a smart QR code referenced for each customer.

The QR code takes the user directly to our checkout with diverse payment methods.

The payment can be split through CoPay or made by a third party domestically or internationally.

Automatic reconciliation is carried out directly with the system.

You receive instant notifications of customer payments.

Focus on what truly matters to you and start saving time with Wispok

Time is precious, and so are experiences.

Wispok allows you to have:

QR code generation
Wispok allows you to generate unique QR codes for each payment transaction. These QR codes contain the necessary information to identify the bill or service being paid, so users can scan these QR codes with the camera of their mobile device to pay conveniently and quickly.
Our platform is designed to integrate with government and business management software systems such as ERP SAP, Odoo, among others. This integration allows transaction data to be seamlessly synchronized between systems, reducing the need for manual data entry and improving the accuracy of accounting records.
Integration with management systems
Digital push
We include a module called “Digital PUSH” that focuses on improving collection efficiency, and can send automatic payment reminders to users. In addition, you can include tools to optimize the collection strategy, such as customer segmentation according to their payment history.

We have integration with a WhatsApp chatbot so that users can make their payments quickly, smoothly and intuitively.

Whatsapp chatbot interaction
NFC, which stands for Near Field Communication, is a wireless technology that enables data transfer between nearby devices. It is used in smartphones, payment cards and other devices to share information, make contactless payments and establish fast connections. It is simple and secure, and is applied in mobile payments, access control and more.
Wispok allows users to split the payment of a receipt or transaction among several people. A user can send his or her unique link to other people who can then choose how to settle this proportional amount with different payment methods.